The Brand Story

An introduction to the hotel

inter - burgo exco

We introduce Inter-Burgo EXCO to you. A complex cultural space in which the emotion and the rest coexist and that realizes the values of the customers.

At the present, regarding Inter-Burgo EXCO, which is an affiliated company of the Hyundai S Life Group, it is located on the opposite side of Daegu Buk-gu EXCO (The Daegu Exhibition and Convention Center). And, by opening the business in the year 2008, it has settled down as a representative, special class hotel inside the downtown of Daegu.

Through the renovation that began from the year 2020, based on the diversity, it was reborn as a complex cultural space that had analyzed the lifestyles of the customers in which the emotion and the rest coexist.

The works of art and the musical element that are located here and there inside the hotel trigger the creative thoughts of the customers. And, also, the diverse space organizations design-wise have reflected the lifestyles of the young bracket.

  • The vision

    Lifetime, customer priority service

  • The management policy

    Best customer, best employee, happy innovation

The creed of Inter-Burgo
  • Customer priority service

    With the lifelong customer spirit that a customer one time is an eternal customer, the infinite emotional move of the customer is pursued. While always being thoughtful and respecting from the position of the customer, we will approach with the genuine interest.

  • Creative thinking

    Without settling for the reality and through the unceasing changes and efforts, we will realize the values for the customers. By exercising the unlimited creativity and by realizing the imagination, we will present the products and the services that have the competitiveness.

  • The self-development and the strengthening of the capability

    Let us become the best staff members who can serve the top customers. Through the unceasing efforts and the continuous improvement activity through the learning by the individual, the capabilities of the individuals and the organization are improved. And, with the setting up of a high goal, we will be engaged with an innovative attitude.

Since 2002. With the lifelong customer spirit that says that a customer one time is an eternal customer, through the making of the customers into the regular customers, with the management ideology of pursuing the unlimited emotional move of the customers and under the company motto of 'The customer service, the staff members are the best, and the righteousness management', it was founded by having the Head Office in Daegu on April 1, 2002. And, at the present, it has been growing as a sound mutual aid company.