Our taste and our food that give the deep taste because the nature had been ripened and that give the deep emotional move because the hand taste had been ripened. , Because Gaejeong is located on the 17th floor inside the hotel, it is a Korean restaurant that is proud of the view that encompasses the distribution complex at one eye. Please try having an experience of the Korean style dishes from which the traditional taste and the health can be felt, which uses the best, traditional materials of the season, at Gaejeong.

  • Location
  • Type
    korean restaurant
  • Hours
    11:00~21:00 (Last Order 20:30)
  • Price
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Additional information
  • The 5 special rooms(The birthday feasts, the family gatherings, the small-sized meetings, and the small gatherings are possible)
    · Rose : 8 persons ~ 12 persons · Blanc : 10 persons ~ 16 persons · Rueda : 15 persons ~ 20 persons · Sherry : 20 persons ~ 36 persons
  • The visitor's packaging order is possible.
  • Through the Baedal people, the delivery order is possible.
  • The parking is supported for 2 hours.

Tel. +82-53-384-7050 As a place of business regarding which the homepage reservation is not possible, we ask you to inquire and make a reservation over the phone.