Among the small banquet halls that are located on the 3rd floor, the area of Raon is the widest. And it is a banquet hall which is suitable for the small-sized events, including the seminars with the sizes of from 30 persons to 50 persons, the small-sized meetings, the various kinds of meetings, etc. Also, as a place for the interviews, the waiting room, and simple business meetings, it is a banquet hall of which the level of preference is high.

Basic Information
  • Location
  • Area
    8x11.5m, 92m² The ceiling height: 2.7m
  • Raon Hall
    Banquet : 40 persons Reception : 50 persons
    Theater : 50 persons Seminar : 50 persons
Types of
table layout
  • Round table Occupancy
    Maximum 40 persons
  • Reception Occupancy
    Maximum 50 persons
  • Theater Occupancy
    Maximum 50 persons
  • School Occupancy
    Maximum 50 persons


Tel. +82-53-380-0424~5 Business hours : Weekday 09:00~18:00

Special Service The special services of Inter-Burgo
The special services of Inter-Burgo The cutting edge facilities, including a large-sized screen projector, a beam projector, the sound facility, the waiting room, etc., are provided. Please experience the professional and differentiated directing that suits the special characteristics of the seminars, the conventions, and the various kinds of the events at Inter-Burgo EXCO.
* A part is provided free-of-charge. And a part generates an additional cost. We ask you to confirm through the counseling.
The customized menu From the international events to the small-sized banquets, a feast that will make your meeting shine perfectly is prepared. From the semi-buffet to the buffet, the seasonal, Korean table d'hote, and the stake menu by the price range. The customized menu will add the elegance and the value to your event.
*The diverse menu by the price range can be consulted.